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Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions   

What happens to any unused balances from a current semester meal plan?
All meal plans are allocated per semester. Any unused campus resident meal plan Bonus Bucks carry over from fall semester to spring semester and expire at the end of the spring semester. Dining Dollars do not expire unless the student’s account is unused for 18 months. All unused meals expire at the end of every semester.

How do I sign up for a meal plan?
Resident students select their meal plan as part of housing enrollment. Commuter students can purchase their meal plan with Student Accounting, Housing or by credit card at

How do I pay for my meal plan and can I use financial aid?
Resident meal plans are charged to your university account. Commuters who sign up with Student Accounting can apply applicable financial aid. We accept all major credit cards when purchasing through our website

Can I change my campus resident meal plan?
If you need to change or upgrade your  campus resident meal plan, you have two weeks into the semester to change. Visit housing to request a meal plan upgrade.

Can I treat a friend with my meal plan? 
Jag Pass 175, 300 and 450 meal plans include 10 guest meals per semester. Meals to be consumed by anyone other than the meal plan member must be purchased with guest meals or other funds. All funds and meal plans purchased are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable. Meals may not be bought or sold. The South Alabama Dining funds and plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate.

Where can I use my meal plan?
Meals included with your meal plan are all you care to eat redeemable at the Fresh Food Company. Bonus Bucks and Dining Dollars can be used at all campus dining outlets including the Fresh Food Company.

Who is required to purchase a meal plan?
All on campus residents must have a meal plan. Freshman residents must choose a Jag Pass Meal Plan. Sophomore can choose a USA 10 or Jag Pass Meal Plan.  Junior and Senior campus residents can choose either the USA 10, USA 7, the All Bucks Plan or a Jag Pass meal plan. Campus resident plans auto-renew each semester. Commuters do not have a meal plan purchase requirement. Commuter meal plans need to be selected each semester on

What If I don’t have a meal Plan?
All USA Dining locations accept cash, major credit cards, Bonus Bucks or Dining Dollars.

Home Chef Meal Plan-by purchasing the Home Chef Meal Plan, you automatically receive a One Hundred and Twenty Dollar ($120.00) credit with which you can purchase meal kits from Home Chef, a third-party meal kit delivery service. After you have purchased your meal plan, you will be contacted by via e-mail with instructions regarding how to redeem your $120 credit, and Home Chef will ship your meal kit to the address you designate. You may redeem your $120 credit at any time. The $120 credit for the meal kit is non-refundable.