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Living off campus brings a different set of needs and challenges to college life. Commuters are offered a select group of meal plans specifically tailored with flexibility in mind. Commuters may choose any of our meal plans offered below. Meal plans come with meal swipes that can be used  our all you care to eat dining location the Fresh Food Company and a set number of  Bonus Bucks that can be used at any dining location on campus. Bonus Bucks are used just like cash in any restaurant located on campus. See our Meal Plan options below for more information.

Meal Plans and Dining Dollars charged to student account will not be active until the Fall 2022 semester.

Please allow 2 business days for purchase to be active.

  • Campus Connector


    • Swipes 25 meals to use at the Fresh Food Company
    • Dollars $200 Bonus Bucks
    • A great option for commuters who are on campus often or live close by.
  • 200 Bonus Bucks


    • Dollars $200 Bonus Bucks
    • Swipes 5 free meals to the Fresh Food Company
  • All Bucks Plan


    • Dollars $1400 Bonus Bucks per semester
  • Daily 12


    • Swipes 1 meal per day Monday - Friday
    • Dollars $12 Bonus Bucks per day
    • The best value and most flexible plan for commuters.

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